Switch quick installation guide

Setup Switch in a few easy steps

We’re excited to have you onboard as part of our ever growing pool of companies at Switch!

For Switch to do it’s magic, there are a couple of quick and easy steps you need to complete.

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Why do you need to do this?

In order for Switch to ensure your vouchers are only issued to new users, we need to check for the customer against your database.

What does the plugin do?

The Switch plugin does the check of the email and ensures POPI compliance by encrypting emails securely.

How to install

Setup a HubSpot account

Create a new HubSpot account in just a few minutes

Load your contacts

Import your customers’ email addresses via file upload or by connecting to your existing CRM

Install the plugin using the link

Connect to the Switch plugin using the link below

Install Plugin

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to pay for HubSpot?
Do I need a developer to help setup?
Is Switch POPI compliant?
Will Switch be able to modify and access my customer database?

Have questions?

Email us at info@getswitch.co.za