Brands need to reward their loyal customers. That’s where you come in.

Ditch expensive, poorly targeted marketing tactics.
Get premium sales on your online store when partner brands reward their customers with your product vouchers.

Join an ecosystem of trusted brands and switch out your acquisition strategy

Our partners

Switch introduces your
product to customers who are already loyal and eager for more choice.

Connect with the customers in your target market who have a track record for repeat purchasing and brand loyalty. Start with a sale.
You partner with a brand that services your target customer
They reward their repeat buyers with your product vouchers
You receive new, high-quality leads to your online store

Experience budget-friendly customer acquisition

There’s no minimum voucher value with Switch. We tailor your contribution to suit your business and budget.
Start the Switch
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Switch makes customer acquisition a guarantee

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Target customers who have the right buying habits

Switch positions your voucher in front of customer bases that match your target market and have a proven track record for repeat buying and brand loyalty.
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Market exclusively to new customers

Switch’s API ensures that previous customers of your business are removed from your Switch audience. Engage solely with new customers that have an established, repeat-buying track record.
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Enjoy immediate acquisition

Vouchers are redeemed on your website, giving your business a new customer with the tap of a button, and at the price of the product you want them to sample.

It works in 3 simple steps

Onboard as an acquirer and describe your customers in a few easy steps
Select brands who reflect your ideal customer
Start issuing your vouchers to qualified customers

The Switch solution is a win-win-win.

Partner brands
Save money and improve their customer retention rates.
Are rewarded for their brand loyalty with free vouchers.
Enjoy immediate acquisition when customers redeem their voucher.

It’s never been harder or more expensive to get products in front of the right audience.
Switch makes it easier.

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